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So many yellow leaves outside

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Oct. 3rd, 2008 | 02:55 pm
location: dormitory
mood: mellowmellow
music: Norah Jones

Today I feel romantic and so I want something light, sweet and mellow. To brighten the cold and overcast day. I usually do not like the sun, but the autumn is an exception. When the leaves are bright yellow and red the sun is a must addition! In loving memory of my warm room at home I would like post my favorite 5 corners.
1. From left to right you see some old books from English dictionary to "Learn french in 30 days", then there's Umberto Eco, Hesse, Škėma (a must for every lithuanian I'd say), little vampire book, Zweig's biographies, Kostova's "Historian"<3, Brontë's "Jane Eyre", two Austen's and one Stoker's "Dracula". That is all I need to be perfectly happy.
2. Don't look at the CD's, they are just a relic from the old times. What's the most important here is my friends gifts. Again from the left: well, who read "Historian"understands, but who did not I will say that it's the little copy of the book Dracula The Librarian used to send to everyone he wanted to be his helper. Ok, just read it and you'll understand XD. Then we have the ashes of the Dracula's brides, there's no rivals anymore for me, ha ha...Above the CD's there are pictures of my oldest and dearest friends. Not the ladies in the right corner! It is a box with a subtle birthday wish inside from meldamiriel .
3. This thing hangs just above my head when I sleep. When you open the little door, you can see it's a mirrow. What dangles below is also a present from a friend birdietws  for my birthday, a little bat who can become a brooch too. Very clever and nice.
4. My pillow! Actually there's much more of them in my bed than we see in the picture (by the way, I'm sorry for the awful quality). They all are more or less red. I sleep like a princess surrounded by all these pillows.
5. And here is my vanity in both it's means. Vanity table and where I literally flatter my vanity. But the key thing about it is the Christmas lights. Yes, I keep them all year round and it gives incredible cosiness. The head in the left corner of the picture belongs to my aforementioned oldest and dearest friend Monika.
I just want for some holiday to arrive as soon as possible. And once again feel warmth of the home, to be with friends and family (and cat!) and go to our autumnal park, feel the chill weather of the evening and then rush back to have some tea and chat of girlish things. Or visit our favorite caffé...

And that would be all for today. 

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