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Coming home...

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Feb. 6th, 2008 | 09:06 pm
mood: artisticartistic
music: TV

I have been thinking that maybe I should update once in a while and since it is a new semester, I have some things to tell. First of all the lectures are not as terrible as it had been before, there's an lovely addition of Latin which I so far fervently adore. Then there is of course my fellows whom I quite missed and now got engaged into various activities with the lot of them. At the meantime the best thing is that I have more will to learn than before, but it gets so hard when you don't fancy the subject at all. Have high hopes that the next year will bring happiness. Nothing particularly interesting happens presently, well, except maybe for the fact that I go out more, but it is probably the fever of the return to the capital. Today for example we went to Korea fine arts exhibition, where I really got inspired to paint something of my own ( I can paint a little ). The colors in some of them were really unique, especially the way the artist depicted the reflections of the trees in the water.  Absolutely fabulous! And the conceptions of the entire art is so different from the majority of lithuanian art, you can feel an obvious lightness and serenity it emits.
During the holidays I was ill, therefore spent my time reading. The biography of Marie Antoinette was informative, well written, had sharply portrayed features of the late unfortunate queen. Well, as for merrier part I finally got to read Jane Eyre. Oh, Mister Rochester...So that is all for now. I have four books to read, one manga and lots of gothic horror movies. It should be fun.

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