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So many yellow leaves outside

Oct. 3rd, 2008 | 02:55 pm
location: dormitory
mood: mellowmellow
music: Norah Jones

Today I feel romantic and so I want something light, sweet and mellow. To brighten the cold and overcast day. I usually do not like the sun, but the autumn is an exception. When the leaves are bright yellow and red the sun is a must addition! In loving memory of my warm room at home I would like post my favorite 5 corners.
1. From left to right you see some old books from English dictionary to "Learn french in 30 days", then there's Umberto Eco, Hesse, Škėma (a must for every lithuanian I'd say), little vampire book, Zweig's biographies, Kostova's "Historian"<3, Brontë's "Jane Eyre", two Austen's and one Stoker's "Dracula". That is all I need to be perfectly happy.
2. Don't look at the CD's, they are just a relic from the old times. What's the most important here is my friends gifts. Again from the left: well, who read "Historian"understands, but who did not I will say that it's the little copy of the book Dracula The Librarian used to send to everyone he wanted to be his helper. Ok, just read it and you'll understand XD. Then we have the ashes of the Dracula's brides, there's no rivals anymore for me, ha ha...Above the CD's there are pictures of my oldest and dearest friends. Not the ladies in the right corner! It is a box with a subtle birthday wish inside from meldamiriel .
3. This thing hangs just above my head when I sleep. When you open the little door, you can see it's a mirrow. What dangles below is also a present from a friend birdietws  for my birthday, a little bat who can become a brooch too. Very clever and nice.
4. My pillow! Actually there's much more of them in my bed than we see in the picture (by the way, I'm sorry for the awful quality). They all are more or less red. I sleep like a princess surrounded by all these pillows.
5. And here is my vanity in both it's means. Vanity table and where I literally flatter my vanity. But the key thing about it is the Christmas lights. Yes, I keep them all year round and it gives incredible cosiness. The head in the left corner of the picture belongs to my aforementioned oldest and dearest friend Monika.
I just want for some holiday to arrive as soon as possible. And once again feel warmth of the home, to be with friends and family (and cat!) and go to our autumnal park, feel the chill weather of the evening and then rush back to have some tea and chat of girlish things. Or visit our favorite caffé...

And that would be all for today. 

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Why is it still raining outside?

Mar. 8th, 2008 | 07:57 pm
location: at home
mood: boredbored
music: The White Stripes - A Martyr For My Love For You

The spring...The 8th of March. I am at home doing nothing and it feels so immensely sad that I'll probably go to eat something. It's Saturday night for Gods sake. BUT! My friend has promised me the sleepover tomorrow, the only thing concerning me about this matter is that she is a very changeable person. There could be no horror movie night at all. And I will be left again to self pity or even worse: work and study. Oh, very terrible a fate indeed. 

What is more, I think I have a developing bad cold again. That would be the worst, because who wants to be sick two times in a row in the same year and in spring what so ever? I want yellow flowers...

Another thing that bothers me constantly is my growing movies to watch collection. I may soon become wretched if I think how many films I didn't see yet. And there is no need even to mention the books. The huge pile of them...

Well. I wonder what should I do now.

But look what a nice winter we had just couple weeks ago!  


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Coming home...

Feb. 6th, 2008 | 09:06 pm
mood: artisticartistic
music: TV

I have been thinking that maybe I should update once in a while and since it is a new semester, I have some things to tell. First of all the lectures are not as terrible as it had been before, there's an lovely addition of Latin which I so far fervently adore. Then there is of course my fellows whom I quite missed and now got engaged into various activities with the lot of them. At the meantime the best thing is that I have more will to learn than before, but it gets so hard when you don't fancy the subject at all. Have high hopes that the next year will bring happiness. Nothing particularly interesting happens presently, well, except maybe for the fact that I go out more, but it is probably the fever of the return to the capital. Today for example we went to Korea fine arts exhibition, where I really got inspired to paint something of my own ( I can paint a little ). The colors in some of them were really unique, especially the way the artist depicted the reflections of the trees in the water.  Absolutely fabulous! And the conceptions of the entire art is so different from the majority of lithuanian art, you can feel an obvious lightness and serenity it emits.
During the holidays I was ill, therefore spent my time reading. The biography of Marie Antoinette was informative, well written, had sharply portrayed features of the late unfortunate queen. Well, as for merrier part I finally got to read Jane Eyre. Oh, Mister Rochester...So that is all for now. I have four books to read, one manga and lots of gothic horror movies. It should be fun.

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Dec. 8th, 2007 | 11:02 pm
mood: deviousbyronic

I have noticed that I haven't updated in a while. Also I have nothing to say actually except, that it's almost the middle of December. And do you know that it means when it is the middle of December? That right! It means its Christmas near. So, when its that special time of the year, I can not help myself but be exited. 
Also my royal highness has just watched a movie "Gothic". A terrific peace of art. I'll probably have to watch it again soon. However, today I don't feel particularly witty, so I must end my prattle here.

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Discovery O.O

Sep. 14th, 2007 | 04:33 pm
location: dormitory
mood: ecstaticecstatic
music: The musketeers song

You know what I had just recently realized? My musketeer mania has renewed. Totally. Oh, what a sweet days it was when I got to read the first bit of their adventures and later all the series of  "The three Musketeers"...The euphoric cries, devotion to the King and the country, emotional love stories, sly enemies and glorious rewards... It is all because I accidentally  found all the russian TV series of  "D'artagnan and the Three musketeers" on Youtube. What is more they are subbed in english. Did you hear Helen? You certainly must like them, ALL of them has moustache:D And it is musical. I love those. Dumas is love <3

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Sep. 13th, 2007 | 06:39 pm
location: dormitory
mood: mellowmellow
music: huming of the fridge

I came back here to post a review.  About movie "Becoming Jane".  And since I am not a native english speaker, I will write it in lithuanian...

"Becoming Jane" man padarė daug didesnį įspūdį negu "Pride and Prejudice", nors filmas apie Jane Austen ir buvo padarytas per daug pabrėžiamai lyginant jos sukurtos istorijos ir pačios Jane gyvenimą. Patiko žavus aktorius James MacAvoy, kuris vaidino Jane mylimąjį Tom Lefroy (MacAvoy- Lefroy?), gaila tik, kad aktorius realybėj mažiukas (170cm), aš mėgstu didelius vyrus:D. Na, dėl ko aš keikiausi tik įsijungus filmą, buvo pagrindinės Jane Austen vaidinančios aktorės pasirinkimas. Kad Anne Hathaway graži aš nesiginčysiu, bet pasičingysiu, kad iš JAV kilusiai aktorei tikrai nelemta ir nesiseka vaidinti britę. Jos akcentas, o tiksliau jo nebuvimas skambėjo baisiai ir mano ausys dar ilgai jautėsi nuskriaustos negavusios gardžios dozės rėžiančio britiško akcento. Bet grįžkime prie siužeto! Viskas daugiau ar mažiau atitiko realų Jane gyvenimo aprašymą, aš net sužinojau, kad ji turėjo ne tik vyresnįjį brolį ir seserį Cassandra, kuri, kaip ir Jane, niekada neištekėjo, bet ir jaunesnį kurčnebylį brolį. Istorija ir veiksmas vystosi greitai, nei viena vieta neišsitęsia, o baliaus scena teikia ypač didelį pasitekinimą akims. Dar vienas žavus herojus yra Mr. Wisley, nerangus, drovus, bet geras žmogelis, kuris peršasi Jane, bet ji atstumia jo pasiūlymą, taip užsitraukdama Wisley turtingos tetos nemalonę. Pats Ponas Vislis visiškai Jane supranta ir lieka jos draugu prieš tetos valią. Filmo pabaiga privertė net mane išspausti porą ašarų ir garantavo deresiją gerom porai valandų. Jane ir jos dabar jau (po jausmingos baliaus scenos) sužadėtinis, susitaria nepaisydami prieštaravimų bei trukdžių bėgti į Londoną savo meilės vardan. Deja, toks maištingas poelgis (tais laikais moteriai tai garantavo reputacijos praradimą visam laikui) nelemia herojams geros pabaigos. Jane nelaimingo, jeigu taip galima teigti, atsitiktinumo dėka randa Tom piniginėje laišką nuo jo seserų, iš kurio turinio tampa aiškų, kad jo šeimos ypač sunki finansinė padėtis ir pabėgdamas su ja, vyrukas nebegalės išlaikyti aibės vargšių seserų XD Jane apsisrendžia jų labui. Filmo pabaiga - Jane ir Tom susitikimas bemaž po dvidešimties metų. Abu senstelėje ir teapsikeičia vien tik žvilgsniais. Sako, jos pačios meilės istorija įkvėpė romaną "Puikybė ir prietarai", o šaunusis Ponas Darsis yra ne kas kitas, o pats Tom Lefroy. 

I really enjoyed watching this movie and I ardently suggest you go and see it too.


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Gothic literature lectures

Sep. 12th, 2007 | 05:22 pm
location: 2dn floor
mood: pensivepensive

Yesterday I had a Gothic literature and arts lecture and it was totally wonderful! I can not describe the feelings when I listened to the lecturer, who was telling of Dracula or Frankenstein. It was only introduction to the main images of gothic literature and art...However, I especially fancy the part when we analyzed the picture of Henri Fuseli "The nightmare".

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Must do

Sep. 3rd, 2007 | 10:37 pm

I had recently found a list I made probably in the beginning of a summer. It's a "Must do list", lets see what did I plan xD 
1. Learn to shoot the gun
2. Enroll to a choir
3. Try to learn play the guitar
4. Read all Umberto Eco books
5. Watch all movies about vampires 
6. Write something adorable everyday
7. Don't get mad
8. Never cry 
9. Learn tango 
10. Advance in my french knowledge
11. Never worry
12. Read at least four books a month
13. Enjoy every day
14. Spend more time outside
15. Find more literature about Vlad Tepes Dracula
16. Get a set of fangs

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Booh booh nothing to do

Sep. 2nd, 2007 | 10:04 pm

Anyway, tomorrow is a 3rd of September, in our city it's the start of session. Actually in my university. But I fell somehow happy. No, folks, I don't want to study I want to meet my buddies. And go to the bar! He. (Did you notice the numerous usage of the word "I" in my message?).

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Young Victoria and Becoming Jane!

Aug. 31st, 2007 | 04:04 pm
mood: chipperchipper

Well well, lucky me, I have just recently found two movies I would certainly like to see, and see I will. One is only int the making, the other is already airing. The first is the "Young Victoria"  with the bunch of good actors and original locations for shooting which leaves me thrilled even more. The filming has just begun I think I already can not wait till it comes out. Here is the link to Victoria. 

The other movie leaves me thrilled even more, because I will get it in a few hours. Jane Austen's own romance, curious to see how it goes, I always imagined Jane the passive type. It is hard to see her having romance with someone. 

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